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I love how this series could have simply been a parody of each week's themes and characters, but instead has done that while also being its own little universe with its own story and continuity. RIP Pico Hunk, 200X-20XX.

I love the variety in the voices on display. Two good characters that clash well. Props for the voice acting and writing.

My favorite part about this short is how rewatchable it is for multiple reasons.

The syncing with the excellent music track, the wide variety of emotions being paired wonderfully with the audio, the best example being the large kick of the main character entering the room.

I'm quite curious about some of the behind the scenes of the piece as I like to analyze the choices artists make, but the piece is vague in that wonderful way that allows you to come to your own conclusion as well if you so desire.

My current interpretation is that the character is frustrated with themselves and is looking at themselves as a person in the mirror, judging their choices or how they put too much faith into another person and perhaps coming to some conclusion that they just have to live with themselves. Though perhaps they are still a little unstable as they have a date with their reflection and the short ends on their ripped up image of themselves put back together with tape, showing the beginnings of the recovery of their self-image. That interpretation is probably incorrect, however, I enjoy the short for being able to support that interpretation.

Lastly, the visual style, the graininess that matches the static of the audio. The dinginess of the background, the snappiness of everything. So much to praise. Thank you for making this and sharing it!

MarcoCardenas responds:

- 👀

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Very fun game, it did feel a lil chunky framerate wise, but that could easily be me playing it on a browser, hopefully will be better when downloaded. Besides that though, I love the style and premise. (Downloaded game runs way smoother as expected)

Edit after finishing the game:
-As mentioned in other reviews, the first boss seems to be the hardest due to lacking upgrades. When facing them in the boss rush they were a pushover either due to the upgrades and them probably having less health for that segment, would suggest perhaps a happy medium between those extremes or perhaps keeping their health smoll as without upgrades it'd last longer.
-I like the tells and pattern of the imp, while it took some tries, it felt rewarding to get it down. The checkpoint placement was perfect for this.
-Bat boss was a bit easy, but I don't think that's bad, I think it was perhaps more so a fact that they were easy compared to the first boss. I don't think swapping them would be a good idea as I like the increase in complexity the second boss provided.
-General gripe I had was the cutscenes got a bit annoying when doing repeated boss encounters. The first boss's scene was the most grating due to the many attempts needed and the length of the scene. I do enjoy the cutscenes quite a lot, so a special skip button that maybe appears on screen or perhaps holding the interact button for two seconds to fast forward the scene at a faster rate would be nice.
-Parrying bosses feels really cool, only thing I'd maybe change is giving a slight amount of invincibility, since besides the imp, I don't know if there's a way to really rapidly chain parry any of them without a lot of skill. But even with that want, still a very cool mechanic as is.

Stopsignal responds:

Thank you so much, Tadpo!!! It can be! I tried to optimize it as much as i could, but HTML5 games will always be complicated to work with, hahahaha
Hope it goes better downloaded! (it should!) :)

I had a good amount of fun, I'd say the control stick aiming felt a little rigid and the sounds overall were quite loud.

Beyond that, I had a great time and it's a very great base for something amazing.

PatrickZochAlves responds:

Thanks for the comment!

This is actually a game jam game that will probably become something bigger as you've guessed! Hope you'll enjoy in the future!

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It's definitely been a while since I've listened to music in this genre, kinda burnt myself out after listening to this sorta stuff for like ten years. But it was very refreshing to listen to this song, as it reminded me of that time but also was just fun in its own right.

The constant excited beat along with the occasional drop in the intensity throughout painted a scene in my head through the pacing implied by the flow of the track.

Thanks for the fun track, was a good listen.

DJVI responds:

Thank you very much for the honest review 😁

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Brings a new meaning to Pico Day.

How many atrocities has this man committed? Why does he commit 911s for fun? Is Bug Iron still canon? These are questions I can't answer.

Good piece. The scratchy lines really fit the Rowdy aesthetic.

I love how you've slowly built up each and every character in the group. I think I have some vague memories of seeing a character I think is Gretel in your art before, but can't quite remember and I really hope I'm mistaken as you're making me really want a happy ending for these characters. Regardless of whether or not things get dark or not, been loving seeing the journey. Thanks for uploading these!

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